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Welcome to Spain on the Fly!

Fly fish in Spain and make you discover the best fishing spots of this wonderful and diverse country. That is my mission!

After years of traveling to fish in many countries of the world, I have realized that Spain offers an interesting variety of fish species for the foreign fly fisherman both in fresh and salt waters.
To start, Spain is one of the cradles of fly fishing in the world. First with the Dialogue between a hunter and a fisherby Fernando Basurto, published in 1539. Later, in 1624 the Manuscript of Astorgaby Juan de Bergara was published. An essential brown trout fly tying book.
In addition to brown troutSpain (in some northern rivers) is home of the southernmost population of Atlantic Salmon. There are excellent rivers for salmon fly fishing as the Narcea, Sella or Cares. Moreover, sea trout, from summer take flies on surface in the same waters, and dry fly fishing is a real treat!
Talking about warm water species, barbel is our real gem. All sight casting with dry flies or nymphs! It has become so popular that there are already many foreign anglers who come to our country to enjoy fishing our Golden Bones (watch video). Carp, largemouth bass or northern pike, are some of the other attractive species, but, because of its spectacular size, is giant wels catfish in recent years the fish who attracts more visitors


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